Assist2Sell Embraces Video & "Social" Marketing

Social media platforms have become a great conduit for engaging with real estate customers and delivering a message. The challenge becomes finding a way to  deliver your message in a way that's effective on social platforms and  doesn't get lost in all the noise. Let's face it, unless people are buying or selling a house Real estate is not the most interesting topic.   

The good news is the Assist2Sell message is interesting, different, and compelling to the consumer.  This gives us an advantage over most real estate companies.

Most real estate agents Post new listings, Real estate news, Mortgage rates, and other Real estate stats and info.  While this information is valuable it's not the most exciting. 

You'll find that Assist2Sell takes a little bit different approach. Here's a sample of one of the videos we use for social marketing. 

Go ahead, you know you want to watch it!