Live Franchise Info. Presentation

Assist2Sell Live Franchise Info. Presentation/Workshop

Wednesday August 7th at 12 Pm pacific time. 

Generating more listings and doing more business is only the beginning when operating a consumer-centric real estate business. If you want to have more effective marketing, low overhead, great technology platform, and more referrals, you owe it to yourself (and your business) to explore the Assist2Sell opportunity.

If you are interested in learning more about our “Full Service with Savings” business model this live presentation is a great way to get the details.
Consumers are cutting back, saving more, and looking for value more than ever. Real estate is no different. Our concept gives sellers the best of both worlds, services they have come to expect from a professional real estate company with significant savings.

What we'll discuss - 

  • The new reality of the real estate business. 

  • How Assist2Sell works. 

  • Is Assist2Sell the right concept for you?

  • History and evolution of our concept.

  • Is a franchise right for you and your real estate business?

  • What you get if you buy a franchise.

  • The future of the real estate business. 

And much more! 

There is no cost to attend but space is limited. Click to link below to register and get more details.

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Angela Cerbelli Opens Assist2Sell Franchise In Fort Mill, SC

What if the old way of selling real estate isn’t the best way?

It's a question I kept asking myself. I just knew there had to be a better way.

Selling your home shouldn’t be so stressful and EXPENSIVE.

So, I decided to do something about it.  

I am thrilled to announce the opening of Assist2Sell in Fort Mill, my new business venture. Thanks to your support, I am able to start my own real estate brokerage. 

What does this mean for you?

At Assist2Sell we will provide the same 5-star expert service and results you have come to expect all for a Low Flat fee of only $4995!

That's right we will provide expert advice, show your home, advertise, and manage the escrow and closing. We do it all, you save.

I can't wait to get to work and start saving you and our neighbors' tons of money.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to call us at 803-548-4995 or check out our website at

Assist-2-Sell Saves Halifax Home-Sellers More Than $19 Million


When Dartmouth couple Diane and Joseph were ready to sell their home, they turned to Assist-2-Sell after seeing their signage all over the neighbourhood. They were intrigued about Assist-2-Sell’s low flat-fee option. Could they really receive the full services of a professional real estate brokerage for one low flat fee, paid at closing?

Dianne says it “almost sounded too good to be true,” but they were amazed the experience “far exceeded” their expectations.

“This was by far the best service we’ve ever received from a Realtor,” says Joseph. “Our house sold within weeks, and we saved thousands of dollars. We highly recommend Assist-2-Sell and cannot say enough about their flat-fee program.”

Real estate agents Michael and Lisa Doyle are the co-owners of the local Assist-2-Sell franchise located in Dartmouth. Their team at Assist-2-Sell, HomeWorks Realty Ltd. has sold more than 4,000 homes in HRM and saved home-sellers more than $19M in commissions since opening in 2001. The $19M savings is calculated based on a comparison of the total commission paid by Assist-2-Sell sellers with what the amount would be if they paid six per cent. Most people realize that by law, commissions are negotiable and each brokerage sets their commission rates.

“Our agents show your home to prospective buyers, negotiate the purchase agreement, help buyers arrange financing, handle scheduling inspections and the appraisal, oversee the closing process — everything you need and expect from a real estate professional.”

Historically, people selling their home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) might expect to pay as much as 5 – 6 per cent in commission. Assist-2-Sell’s unique program offers both the listing and selling services for their low flat fee — just $2,995 for a house priced under $200,000. (The flat fee goes up just $1,000 for every $100,000.)

“Most people are surprised to learn about all the services we provide for our low flat fee. They hear ‘assist’ and think we’ll be helping them do the work themselves, but we still do all the same work you expect from your real estate professional,” explains Michael. “Our agents show your home to prospective buyers, negotiate the purchase agreement, help buyers arrange financing, handle scheduling inspections and the appraisal, oversee the closing process — everything you need and expect from a real estate professional.”

“The home selling process seems intimidating and confusing — and the industry likes to keep it that way — but in reality, it is very simple,” says Michael. “It comes down to finding the buyer, negotiating the purchase agreement, and closing the transaction. Once we find the buyer, the rest falls into place. These days, buyers are able to easily search to find available homes. They no longer rely on agents exclusively to learn about the inventory. Since Assist-2-Sell doesn’t get paid unless the home sells, Michael says they’ve invested substantially in putting together a very comprehensive and powerful marketing program for every home listed with them. “We don’t just put the home in the MLS and hope some other agent sells it.”

Assist-2-Sell’s full-service concept includes using home photography, virtual tours, YouTube videos, single-property websites, beautiful brochures and feature sheets for every property. They use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so buyers can easily find their listings, and QR codes on all marketing materials that direct people instantly to the single-property website. In addition to the home being placed on the MLS and REALTOR.CA, they use all the same popular HRM real estate websites that other brokerages use. Also, as an IDX broker, their listings show up on all the other IDX REALTOR websites, including VIEWPOINT.CA, a very popular search site buyers use. Michael says “No other real estate company offers this amount of marketing along with real savings.”

“While our fee is much less than our competitors, in addition to the savings we offer, we pride ourselves on providing a level of service and results that exceeds industry standards,” says Michael. “We call it Full Service with $avings!®

That’s what James Lander discovered when he and his sister went through the emotional process of selling their parents’ former home in Dartmouth.

“We experienced courteous and professional service throughout, and in a short period of time Assist-2-Sell sold our home,” says James. “An added bonus, of course, is the fact that the real estate commission was their low flat rate. It was much less than would have been the case had we gone the traditional real estate route. We saved over $17,000.”

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Home & Garden TV with Mike Carter from Assist-2-Sell

Home & Garden TV with Wally Conway brings viewers first-rate insight, advice and tips on home improvement, inside and out. Each episode, longtime home and commercial building inspector Wally Conway welcomes experts on everything from cabinets and carpets to patios and pools.

Today Wally sat down with Mike Carter from Assist-2-Sell, Buyers & Sellers Realty. Assist-2-Sell is the Nation’s Leading Discount Real Estate Franchise with offices throughout the US. We offer both Flat Fee non-MLS brokerage and Traditional MLS Brokerage for homeowners who want to save on brokerage fees and still receive full service brokerage for their home sale. Our local office services all of Metro Jacksonville, St. Johns County, and Clay County. Broker-Owner, Mike Carter, is a 29 year veteran of residential real estate with over 1800 closed transactions to-date. Our ultimate goal is to help homeowners save a lot of money when selling their home.


PREMIER AGENT: Leonard Scott Assist 2 Sell Buyers & Sellers Realty

How long in the industry

It’s been just about 42 years. I owned and operated an ERA franchise in Calais, where I’m from, for a number of years, before coming to Portland, where I worked for a couple of agencies. I started Assist 2 Sell in 1998, so we are in our 21st year. Assist 2 Sell is nationwide. We were No. 53 overall, but the first franchise in Maine.


Several years ago we moved to our present location, the Old Richardson Place in Gorham (510 Main St.). It’s an historic farmhouse, built in 1808.

Buyers and Sellers

We work with both, all around southern Maine, as in anywhere south of Augusta. Our listings run the gamut, from “modest” homes to high-end. We just listed a beautiful home on the water in Freeport for $1,295,000.

The unusual thing about the real estate industry in the U.S. is, the more the home costs, the more it costs the owner to sell the home, because of percentage commissions. That is not what we do.

The Assist 2 Sell approach

The easiest way to explain our method is to break it into five parts.

First: We are a flat-fee listing service. Second, that fee is $3,250, regardless of the price your home is listed for. It’s the same for a $295,000 ranch, or the Freeport house I mentioned.

No. 3, we are a full-service agency, professionals who give every client our full attention, and provide all the industry essentials that clients expect. We are constantly monitoring the market and staying on top of technology.

No. 4, all fees are due at closing. And the seller chooses the amount to be paid to the buyer’s agent.

Finally, we financially help buyers with closing costs.

The key to everything we do is saving money for our clients. And that’s what we’ve been doing for all these years.

Leonard Scott can be contacted at

4 Unique Benefits You Can Only Get With Assist2Sell

Assist2sell franchise.png

Not all real estate services are created equal. Assist2Sell does things a little differently than the average real estate company. We believe friends don’t let friends pay six percent. What does this mean for you? With Assist2Sell, you don’t have to fork out six percent or more of the value of your home to get outstanding realty services. Assist2Sell charges a flat fee instead of commission to save you money. That’s not all – explore all the ways we’re different from our competitors below. Then, let us sell your home!


Full-Service Discounted Commission Realtor

Assist2Sell is in an entirely different category from most of its competitors. We aren’t a high-commission real estate office like most traditional firms. We also aren’t a limited-service discounted commission group. Instead, we are a full-service discounted commission real estate group. We give our clients the best of both worlds – a discounted price and full real estate services. We do this by taking clients on a flat-fee basis instead of charging commission on sales. Assist2Sell provides full service with savings. This is the number one thing that sets us apart from the average realty service, but our benefits don’t end there.

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Real Estate -To Be Or Not To Be Disrupted?

What is transforming the movie, taxi, music, retails, and hotel business? The are many factors and market forces at play. 

Some believe late fees and rental policies killed blockbuster and led to the rise of Netflix. Dirty cabs and high fares made Uber a household name.  Poor service and experice created the beast know as Amazon. Limited availability and high prices opened the door for AirBnB.  Being stuck buying a full-length album just to get the one or two songs we like made us change our tune for Apple. 


While all these issues played a role in the change and disruption,  I would argue there is a more important and powerful link that all of these companies share that make them great. 

It can be summed up in one word.   CONVENIENCE  People gravitate to convenience.  People will pay for convenience. People will tell their friends about convenience.   Convenience is the cornerstone of customer service and experience. 

Now let's turn the conversation to real estate. Being in the real estate business, I have access to listing data from a variety of sources. What website/app is my go-to for real estate listings?  Zillow. Zillow may not be perfect but it is very convenient. House details, surrounding listings, recent solds, price and rent zestimates, and you can even check the sales history. All this in 20-30 seconds or less. Ok, so there have been a variety of companies that have made the home search faster, easier, and more accessible.  What about the transaction?  Selling or Buying or a home is the most over-complicated and inconvenient experience. 

We can argue all day about the reasons for the rise of these companies and business models. They all have one thing in common. They are consumer centric business driven to make the consumer experience better, faster, and more affordable.

Is your real estate business consumer centric?


A Compelling Formula for Success

                      "To be successful in today’s real estate world,                         it helps to have a unique advantage"

When it comes to companies offering a discount model, there is plenty of competition. Brokers and agents have long understood that sellers want to pay lower commission rates. But they also want full service, notes Ryan Elliott, vice president of Assist2Sell, and that’s his company’s premier distinction. Founded in Reno, Nev., in 1987 by a pair of independent REALTORS® who saw a shift in the industry, Assist2Sell was created to marry the two concepts—low commission and full service—in an advantageous way... as a full-service discount business model that exceeds consumer expectations while offering unlimited opportunity to a growing cadre of agents and franchise owners. “To be successful in today’s real estate world, it helps to have a unique advantage,” says Elliott. “There has never been a better time for a business model like Assist2Sell.” In this exclusive interview, Elliott shares the company’s unique vision and the strategies that help their franchisees become front-line competitors.

Barbara Pronin: Tell us a little more about the founding strategy of the company, and how the concept took off.
Ryan Elliott: Actually, the original motivation the founders Mary LaMeres-Pomin and Lyle Martin had was based on their frustration in spending 80 percent of their time looking for their next deal. They were successful agents with a strong base of repeat and referral customers but struggled with adding new business. Theirs was a small, traditional office—just the two of them and a support person. When they did get a chance to pitch a new seller for a listing, they would sometimes lose the listing based on their small office size. Sellers perceived that an office with a lot of agents meant those agents would all be trying to sell their homes. We all know that’s not true, and that the MLS levels the playing eld, but convincing sellers was a challenge. When they decided to try to attract more business by lowering their fees, and took the bold step to advertise this, all of a sudden, the sellers didn’t care about the number of agents in their offce. The concept was pretty simple, and it hasn’t changed: If you charge home sellers a very competi- tive fee, provide the same services your competition offers, and deliver results, you can increase volume more than enough to make up for the lower fees. That’s what Mary and Lyle started with and it’s what has helped us grow into a familiar brand with hundreds of offices all over North America.

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