Picture a Monday morning in your future. You’ve just arrived at your efficient, well-appointed real estate office. As you walk toward the entrance, you take a moment to appreciate how relaxed you are lately … how downright satisfied you feel. “What a welcome difference,” you think to yourself. 

You step inside and smile as you take in the now familiar buzz of activity that defines a typical day at Assist-2-Sell®. As you move through the office, you nod to a few agents who are happily preoccupied doing what they do best - meeting with clients, taking new listings, closing deals. What you don’t see are agents struggling to create their own marketing pieces. Also missing is the sound of agents cold calling … and shaking off rejection.  “This business is fun again,” you say to yourself.  “What a big difference!”

As you settle in at your desk and look over last week’s sales figures, you smile. “This is such a different way of selling real estate,” you acknowledge to yourself.  Sellers seek out your services and appreciate your exceptionally fair fee structure.

As you look closer at the numbers, you realize that your Assist-2-Sell® operation is on track to meet your goals. “Different is good,” you smile to yourself.


Assist-2-Sell Facts:

  • Unique consumer centric business model

  • Our franchise operations are full-service brokerages

  • Results without typically high overhead

  • Discounted commissions generate more leads

  • Assist2Sell triple-threat offering

    • Strong leadership

    • Powerful marketing program

    • Established, well recognized brand

Discount = Value 

These days, smart consumers across every income bracket are showing a strong preference for simplicity and real value over frilly, costly transactions. No matter the industry, businesses delivering value at a discount are outperforming the competition and building customer loyalty.

Value = Assist-2-Sell

The emergence of discount real estate services is the most significant, forward thinking change in this business in its history.... and assist to sell is emerging as the leader.

Co-founders Mary LaMeres-Pomin and Lyle Martin are recognized as two of the most influential leaders and innovators in the industry. Mary and Lyle bring over 30 years of real-world experience together with their one of a kind business model to the training they and their team personally deliver to every Assist2Sell franchisee.

Assist-2-Sell = Opportunity

The Assist-2-Sell system makes sense...and it works

  • New franchisees are talk to secrets of our unique business model and are given all the tools they need to operate their business.
  • Every franchise owner is encouraged to take advantage of Assist2Sell's unparalleled ongoing system of support and business model innovation.
  • The Assist2Sell concept drives the business of allowing franchise owners to remain in control of their operations. (compare this to traditional brokerages, which depend on agents to bring in listings.)
  • The Assist2Sell model naturally creates an atmosphere of teamwork among agents. The team dynamic increases overall productivity and service to customers and creates an organization that is consumer- oriented versus agent-oriented.