Assist2Sell Joins Zillow Pro For Brokers

Assist2Sell's network of franchise offices are now part of the Zillow Pro for brokers program.  Z Pro is a five-point program that will improve listings accuracy, benefiting brokers, agents and consumers, and provide greater visibility for listing agents. zPro for Brokers will position listing agents first in the Agent List shown next to for-sale listings, answering a frequent broker request. 

zPro for Brokers delivers:

  • Listing Agent Visibility: Listing agent prominently positioned at the top of the page (1st in the agent list) and clearly marked as the listing agent with photo and link to profile on both web and mobile (photo must be added to the feed). 
  • Broker Reporting: Weekly detailed reporting including searches, number of views of home details pages (HDP), leads and lead open rate (for individual listings and the full brokerage feed).
  • Broker trumps other sources:  The Broker feed will trump other sources of data making it the definitive source (must be MLS-sourced data).
  • Lead follow up system: Agents at zPro brokerages receive contact notifications through email with follow-up reminders via text message and phone, driving higher engagement.
  • Broker Directs Contact Destinations: zPro brokers choose to send contacts directly to listing agents or to their corporate customer relationship managements systems.