Assist2Sell Announces Top 10 Offices For 3rd Quarter 2014

Top Ten Assist-2-Sell Offices for 3rd Quarter 2014

 Idaho Falls, ID-Miller & Struchen

2 Lewiston, ID-Lee

Northampton, PA -McCann & Tepes

Utica, NY-Kowalczyk & Lazzaro

Crestview , FL Mozina

Florence, SC-Yates

7 tie Mountain Home, ID-Beck

7 tie Salt Lake City, UT-Lowe

Springfield, MO-McGee

Dartmouth, NS-Doyle

10 Reading, PA-Kubovcsak

 Top Ten Assist-2-Sell Offices in small markets for 3rd Quarter 2014

 1 Lewiston, ID-Lee

Florence, SC-Yates

Mountain Home, ID-Beck

Hudsonville, MI-Yntema

Weston, WI-Hall

Evergreen, CO-Fleming & Haffeman

Sparta, WI-Pendleton

8 Beckley, WV-Lanchester

Pinehurst, NC-Sellers

10 Warrenton, MO-Cunningham


Local Tight Housing Market Has Sellers Shopping Around For Lower Realtor Commission

DENVER (CBS4)- Housing prices in Denver are at record highs and that trend may be impacting how homes are sold in the metro area.

According to the Case-Shiller Index, August home prices are up 6.3 percent compared to August 2013.

A result of this trend is a rise in home prices and competition for properties in the most-valued neighborhoods.

Some real estate agents are challenging the structure of the traditional three percent commission that accompanies helping homeowners buy or sell a home.

Franz Gaschler lives in a Congress Park home he grew up in. His parents purchased it 54 years ago for $16,500.

Gaschler is selling the home he inherited. He didn’t take it lightly, investing a lot of time and research before he chose which real estate company sign would hang in his yard.

“I’ve been interviewing the last five years, 10 or 15 different real estate people,” said Gaschler.

He decided on Assist 2 Sell.

“When everything is done and paid for it will cost $28,000. With others it would have been $38,000 to $39,000,” said Gaschler.

Todd Barker with Assist 2 Sell explains how the commissions work at his real estate agency compared with traditional companies.

Depending on the price range of the house, we tailor to the needs of the seller,” said Barker.

With Assist 2 Sell, sellers can chose one of three programs:

If Assist 2 Sell only completes the paperwork for the sale, the seller pays $1,995.

For more traditional real estate services that include home showings and paperwork, the seller pays $2,995 and up depending on the sale price of the home. With that option the home will not be listed in the MLS, an online catalog that lists the details of a home for sale, address, square footage, the number of bedrooms, bathroom and other amenities like an attached garage and garden-level basement. The catalog also includes pictures of the home.


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Franchisee Spotlight - Meet Kim and Wemmy - Washington, DC

In this edition of Franchisee Spotlight, we would like to introduce you to the newest members of the Assist2Sell family. Meet Wemmy Adeboyejo and Kimberly Fallin from Washington, DC.

Q. One unique thing about you someone wouldn't learn until they got you know you.

Wemmy: I used to be a Flight Attendant.

Q. Where would you build your dream home, and why?

Wemmy: Oh San Diego. I love the ocean, weather and people. I actually have my house picked out in La Jolla already. Just waiting on my husband to win the lottery so he can buy it for me.

Kim: Miami Beach. I'm a beach girl at heart. Believe it or not I grew up just a few blocks from the beach in New York. Miami's weather is a lot more conducive to beach living. 

Q. How long have you been in the real estate business?

Wemmy: 8 years and counting

Kim: Since 2007

Q. How did you get your start in Real Estate?  

Wemmy: The airline I worked for went bankrupt. That would do it

Kim: I sold a condo I owned without the use of a realtor at the age of 22. Real estate came very natural to me so figured I'd try my at real estate as a career. 

Q. What do you enjoy most about the real estate business?

Wemmy: I call myself a "home matchmaker". I love matching my clients with the right home or investors the right deal. Some of them actually cry when I make that magic happen. Ofcourse I love meeting new people as well. Most of my clients end up becoming friends.
Kim: I love meeting new people from all over the world. I have a lot of international clients and have been invited to India, South Africa, Austria and Mexico. 

Q. Why Assist2Sell?  

Wemmy: I really liked the model

Kim: I feel flat fees are the future and want to be ahead of the curve. Assist-2-Sell has an attractive model that I feel will work well in my market. I also was impressed with the support the franchise offers.

Q. What area are you opening your office in? 

Washington, DC

Q. The value piece of real estate advise you received? 

Wemmy: Pay your taxes!

Kim: A client once told me "A good deal is a deal that is fair to both parties." This has helped me become a less rigid negotiator.

Top Producing Offices - 2nd Quarter 2014

Here are the overall Top Ten and Top Ten for Small Market Areas for the 2nd Quarter of 2014. 

Ranking based on the number of closings per month.   

Top Ten Assist-2-Sell Offices for 2nd Quarter 2014

1 Lewiston, ID - Lee

2 Springfield, MO-Serrano

3 Idaho Falls, ID- Miller & Struchen

4 Crestview , FL- Mozina

5 Salt Lake City, UT- Lowe

6 Reading, PA - Kubovcsak

7 Northampton, PA - McCann & Tepes

8 Florence, SC -Yates

9 Mountain Home, ID- Beck

10 tie Rapid City, SD - Anderson

10 tie Weston, WI -Hall  

Top Ten Small Markets Assist-2-Sell Offices for 2nd Quarter 2014

1 Lewiston, ID -Lee

2 Florence, SC - Yates

3 Mountain Home, ID - Beck

4 Weston, WI - Hall

5 Evergreen , CO - Fleming & Haffman

6 Hudsonville, MI - Yntema

7 Beckley, WV - Lanchester

8 Alamogordo, NM - Deeds & Mims

9 Sparta, WI - Pendleton

10 Washington, MO - Haas & Harris

Free The Info And The Rest Will Follow

Freedom of (real estate) information, act


Traditionally, many car dealerships are based on a simple idea: they know more about cars and pricing and profit than the customer does.

By leveraging the information advantage, they can sell cars at a higher markup, upsell add ons, etc.

But what happens when the customers know more than they do, when potential customers know about every option, the inventory at every dealer, etc?

This is going to happen to every business, every sector, every level. When information is set free, does it help you or hurt you?

If it's not helping you, this is a good time to change your model.

Read the original here. 

Does real estate information being set free help or hurt the industry?  Better yet, does it help or hurt your business/model? 

We embrace the idea of setting information free and having a more informed and educated consumer. 

Franchisee Spotlight - Meet Don and Janice Ruizzo

In this edition of Franchisee Spotlight, we would like to introduce you to returning members of the Assist2Sell family. Meet Don and Janice Ruizzo from St. Cloud, FL.

Q. How long have you been in the real estate business? 

A. Janice and I have both been in real estate since 1999.

Q. How did you get your start in Real Estate?  

A. A friend of ours wanted to go to real estate school and talked us into going with her.

Q. What do you enjoy most about the real estate business?

A. The happy faces at the closing table.

Q. Why Assist 2 Sell?                                                                 

A. We were franchise owners a while back and we got in because we liked the business model and it is the same reason we came back.

Q. One unique thing about you someone wouldn't learn until they got you know you.  

A. I used to be a hippie.

Q. Where would you build your dream home, and why?

A. In Key West and just because.

Q. The most valuable piece of real estate advice you received?  

A. Always be honest and you will never get in trouble.

If you would like to welcome Don and Janice to the team, they can be reached via email at - Don: Janice: You can also visit their website.

Will The Combination Of Zillow and Trulia Put Pressure On Commissions?

Below is a video from Bloomberg with guest Barbara Corcoran. Listen to the hosts and their questions. 

"anyone that's but an apartment or a house come to resent painting 5 or 6% commission"

"so why don't we see more real estate agents offering lower commissions?"

"the broker offers you less value, there is less of a value proposition" 

Some intereting questions. If these hosts have these questions I have to assume other consumers to as well.  

As far as the responses from Barbara... well let's just say we would them interesting. 

For Sale By Owners (FSBO's) Love Assist2Sell

People try to sell their home on their own for one reason,  saving money. I have never talked to a seller that likes taking all the phone calls, showing their home , figuring out the right price, trying to stumble through the paperwork process, etc.  Saving thousands is a strong motivator. 

We find For Sale By Owners love the Assist2Sell "Full Service with $avings" marketing program. Sellers get the best of both worlds.  Incredible service and results with thousands in savings.